Bi̇m 1200te Base Element Machine

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Bi̇m1200te Base Element Machine

Base element machine up to Ø800mm Ø1200mm diameter and 1000mm length; Product output average
It is 20 minutes. The molds attached to the locked table are shaken by the vibration table. Feed
The mortar transferred from the bunker with a belt is filled between the inner and outer molds.
With the outer mold, the product is turned over and left on the pallet. The machine is manually controlled
A total of 12 kW of energy is required.

Hydraulic or mechanical, depending on the need, in the facility layout; concrete pipe transport cart. Feed
bunker, conveyor belt, concrete mixer and feeding bands, as well as reinforcement bending cylinder and pipe
lifting apparatus Tamaş Makina A.Ş. It is manufactured by.


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